Going Out in Pisa

Pisa is also a dynamic young city thanks to the many students find themselves on the streets in the evening , making the Pisan rather hectic nightlife .
The most frequented places are the Arno river and the old town where between pubs, restaurants, bars and clubs that offer live music you can spend pleasant hours.
In summer the coastline stretching from Marina di Pisa to Tirrenia fills the evening of trendy .
Of course , the nightlife of Pisa does not compare with the great metropolis , but , especially when the summer season begins and the temperatures are pleasant , you can stay on the street talking until late , if you do not feel like going to sleep.
The majority of the premises, then , are close together and the boys are able to move easily from room to room like swarms .
For the entire month of June, the city is full of events thanks to the Giugno Pisano .

Our Bed Breakfst is located in the heart of the city, and in a few minutes you can reach on foot dozens of clubs , taverns and restaurants.

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