What to buy in Pisa

Pisa is certainly one of the most visited cities of Tuscany to the artistic heritage that holds , but we must be content in terms of typical products .
Among the stalls of Piazza dei Miracoli you can buy souvenirs : sweatshirts, caps and t- shirt with the coat of arms , flags of the old Maritime Republic or leather accessories produced in the area , but among all the statues depicting the Tower, the Duomo and the Baptistery are all the rage .
For lovers of the big names , the boutiques of Corso Italy , the Borgo Stretto and , continuing , the Borgo Largo will allow you to satisfy your desire to buy and wear high fashion garments , while in Vettovaglie Square , in the historic center , you can buy typical food products , including cheese , wine and vegetables produced in the area.
Every second weekend of the month, then , the city organizes flea markets that are held in Via dei Mille , Via Santa Maria in Piazza dei Cavalieri .

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