What to eat in Pisa

The gastronomy of Pisa is little different from that of Tuscany , today much appreciated for its authenticity and flavor of its food , excellent oil and unmistakable vino.In actually born as a poor kitchen trying to make the most of the products offered the earth , by rationing the use of spices and foods expensive . This explains the oil that replaces the lard , salt virtually absent and the existence of many soups with bread and vegetables.

The Pisan cuisine has some dishes such as frog soup , the soup of white beans  or bavettine on the fish.
Just the fish is one of the main protagonists of the tables : the mullet and cod , grilled fish and stockfish spider boiled sweet and sour recipes are the most popular . Do not miss the game , especially pheasant meat , wild boar or wild rabbit .
Also famous pesto Pisan that differs from the Genoese for the presence of pine nuts.
To complete the meal with a sweet finish , the Torta Co' Bischeri is handcrafted in throughout the city and is the most typical sweet and widespread food Pisan .

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